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Petri Art, the Wellcome Trust, London, England, UK, February 28, 2009 | © Courtesy of gwire/Flickr.

Though the Plan S May Significantly Affect Open Access Journals, it Can also Reduce the Publishing Market Concentration

As a formal complaint over the anti-competitive impact of Elsevier, a globally dominant scientific publisher, on the journal publishing market has been placed with the European Commission, such as due to the lacking transparency of its pricing practices, the Plan S is likely provide incentives to scholarly journals to change their models in the direction of making publication costs visible upfront in the Open Access sector.

A Graduation Ceremony at Rutgers University, 2010, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA, May 17, 2010 | © Courtesy of llee_wu/Flickr.

Open Access Journals, Rather Than Reviewer Fees, are Likely Instrumental for Changing Power Relations in the Publishing Industry

Recent criticisms of the market power that major journal publishers have underestimate the disruptive potential of Open Access to change the power relations between university libraries and publishing houses, as putting a price tag...

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