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With Interest Table: March 2012, March 12, 2012 | © Courtesy of With Associates/Flickr. 0

Despite Divided Opinions on their Practices and Prospects, Open Access Mega-Journals Command Significant Presence

A recent meta-analysis of mega-journal-related qualitative and quantitative findings by Valerie Spezi et al. (2017) indicates that Open Access mega-journals have become an established part of the scholarly publishing market, in spite of diverging...

A Graduation Ceremony at Rutgers University, 2010, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA, May 17, 2010 | © Courtesy of llee_wu/Flickr. 0

Open Access Journals, Rather Than Reviewer Fees, are Likely Instrumental for Changing Power Relations in the Publishing Industry

Recent criticisms of the market power that major journal publishers have underestimate the disruptive potential of Open Access to change the power relations between university libraries and publishing houses, as putting a price tag...